Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Braer Fox and Egyptian Cats

Well, following yesterday's foxy incursion into my garden, I lay awake nearly all night in case he showed up again. I have to tell you the weather was pretty nippy and winter is definitely on the way. Anyhoo, around 5 am I decided to go inside for a snack and to check on the humans, so I jumped up on the bed for a few seconds just for a quick wash. Next thing I know, it's 8 am and I'd been asleep for nearly 3 hours.

By the time I got outside there was no sign of braer fox but there was a definite whiff of fox in the air. Tomorrow, I will make sure not to leave my post.

Now, in the interests of educating all of you about the superiority of cats, here is something exciting I learned on the internet. The cat (of which I am one of the more superior examples) was first domesticated 4000 years ago and was held in high admiration and esteem by the Ancient Egyptians.

Two points on this worth noting:

1. Why have we been held in high esteem for only 4000 years? Humans can be a bit slow.
2. If humans think they domesticated us, then we have fooled them. We actually domesticated them. I mean look at how the word is spelt - 'domestiCATed'!

Apparently, Mafdet was the first Egyptian feline deity but the most famous cat goddess in the world was Bastet. There were cats who lived in temples who were the 'embodiment' of Bastet and they were served upon and taken care of until they died, then they were 'mummified' and treated with much dignity and reverence. I have no idea what 'mummified' means but I bet it's pretty impressive.

I was thinking of leaving this exciting information around for my humans to read. I have to say, sometimes I think they take me for granted.
Purr Purr Purr

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FazzysFriend said...

I am a very friendly loveable little kitten looking for a home because some bad humans were mean to me. I have lots of friends here but humans keep taking them away. But I never get picked because I've only got one leg, one eye and I have really rotten teeth. But I think Faz the Cat could be my friend. I could help her with her Fox trouble. Let me know what you think Faz.