Thursday, November 16, 2006

Good and Bad

Another busy night, lots happening. Some good, some bad.

Good: Lots happening animal-wise in the garden so masses to see and do.

Bad: It was raining

Good: Hardly any leaves left on the trees, so I can see just about everything from my position on the roof.

Bad: The chimney wasn't working so it wasn't very warm.

Good: I caught a Luscious Little Mouse for my midnight snack - yum, yum.

Bad: Braer fox was joined by another foxy friend and two smaller foxes - who are they and where have they come from?

Good: No sign of hefty tabby since our little contretemp.

Bad: Humans were a bit cross about LLM leftovers in the hallway this morning.

Good: The obviously forgave me cos I got a can of tuna for breakfast. Tuna in springwater is my favourite, tuna in brine is my second favourite, but I hate tuna in oil.

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FazzysFriend said...

Hi Faz great to hear you are having a good time. I'm not too good myself. I have a nice cage now at my new laboratory home. But I don't get out much. The people are quite nice and the food is good. But who ever heard of a cat wearing make-up. Anyway I've made friends with a Beagle in the next cage, he says he can get me some free fags. So bye for now, hope you are still my 'Pawpal'.