Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Grand Central Garden

Morning All

I had a fun weekend all in all, hope you did too?

The leaves are coming down from the trees big time, so I had hours of fun chasing them around the garden. I also discovered this really good game where you run into a big pile of leaves and try and bury yourself in them. The best bit is it smells ever so good underneath (dirt, grass, foxes, snails, apples, earthworms, moss, etc.).

Cheeky squirrel and friends have been really busy. They dig holes in the grass, bury one nut in each, then stamp up and down several times to makes sure the nut has been well hidden. I have been keeping a note of where everything is buried - knowledge is power after all.

Braer fox has also been out and about. At the end of the garden there's a special path that runs alongside the fence and is used by us animals. I saw foxy running along there early Saturday morning and again on Sunday. By the time I got down there to have a go, braer fox was long gone. Obviously knows not to mess with The Faz.

And it's not just braer fox, hefty tabby has been showing its face a lot too. We had words, I made my point clear about whose garden this is, and I think he got the point.

One thing that bothers me though, I haven't seen prickly hedgehog for a while. Wonder what he's up too? Maybe he's moved gardens?

Love Faz

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