Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Greetings from Wimbledon

Thought you might like to see where I live. The two big trees with the path running down the middle are my main turf and then all the gardens going to the right (which you can't see) also belong to me. The cheeky squirrels and strutting wood pigeons (with the white collars) live in the the two big trees you can see near the middle of the picture. Braer fox lives bottom right with his foxy wife but they pretty much stay in their lair during the day and don't come out until late at night. Prickly hedgehog and all the Luscious Little Mice live in that area too (but this time of year prickly hedgehog is asleep under the compost heap).

This picture was taken in summer. At the moment there are hardly any leaves left on the trees and the ones that are left are golden brown.

Cool huh?


Justin said...

Yeah! its pretty cool..Thanks for sharing your place with us..Hey aren't you planning for a trip somewhere? My cats 've planned for one n I 've to take them.Hey, you can check out this post on vacation trip with pets . I hope u''l like it..

Barb said...

Very nice place!