Friday, November 24, 2006

A Little Jaunt to India

Well not India really, just the local Indian Restaurant.

I noticed the humans were popping out all dressed up in their coats and scarves last night, so I thought I would follow them. They ended up going quite a way on their two legs, down several streets and through the tunnel under the railway tracks. They stopped to have a meal for an hour or so, and I explored a bit and then waited patiently for them near the entrance.

Imagine their surprise when they were leaving and saw me sitting outside. I thought they'd be pleased but they seemed to look a bit stressed instead. They have a completely useless sense of smell so they had no idea I'd been following them. I walked them home afterwards just to make sure they got back safely and they seemed so pleased they gave me a can of tuna for supper.

Arrrrrr tunarrr - my favourite. I must follow them more often.

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Kimo & Sabi said...

Hi Taz - nice to meet ya! Come by and visit again - we'll add ya to our blogroll!