Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Luscious Little Mouse

Dear Friends

Very hectic weekend. Was out Friday night on the tiles as usual and managed to catch myself a rather delicious LLM (luscious little mouse). Took it inside to show the humans and, as predicted, they went into freefall panic and made me drop it.

LLM ran under the sofa and seemed rather pleased to have escaped my unwanted attentions. With the extra weight I'd put on lately I was unable to get under the sofa to get it back (maybe the humans are right about that diet). The humans then spent the next 24 hours trying to find the little blighter so they could let it go into the outside world.

Well, LLM would come out every couple of hours or so and sit there as bold as brass washing it's little face and paws or looking for crumbs left behind by the humans. Everytime they spotted it, the humans would try and catch it in order to save it from little ol' me. They would go into a panic with towels, torches, pieces of cheese, humane mousetraps etc. (and are clearly devoid of any stalking skills). What a laugh, they kept me amused for hours.

Anyway in the end they went to bed and I did what I do best. Nuff said.

Just so you know, there was no sign of braer fox this weekend (although it was rather cold and I did spend most of the weekend indoors or asleep on the bed). I did spot a rather hefty tabby strolling nonchalantly through my garden on Sunday. Don't mind hefty tabby using the garden occasionally as long as it doesn't start to stake a claim.


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