Friday, November 03, 2006

Neighbourhood Watch

Dear All

I have been watching from my sentry post all night and no sign of braer fox. It's been fairly cold and there was frost on the ground this morning, so I was surprised at all the activity. I have seen:

4 wood pidgeons (have you seen the size of those things - now they would make a good meal if only I could get one through the cat flap - trust me, I've tried)
5 other little birds
several slugs
1 arrogant mouse (but I was not fooled into leaving my station)
6 cheeky squirrels (at least I think it was six of them, it could have been the same one six times)

Speaking of cheeky squirrels, they must keep getting pears from the next garden over and eating them in my garden when I am not around. There is pear skin everywhere and it does make quite a mess. I don't understand why the humans don't get cross about this cos when I leave bird feathers everywhere they get really, really angry and go all red in the face and throw their arms about (hence the reason I am now encumbered with two large bells on my collar).

Anyway, around 7 am I go in for breakfast, jump up on to the kitchen window for a quick wash before resuming my post and who do I see run across the garden? That cunning, conniving, calculating, mouse stealing, braer fox.

Braer fox I'm watching you!


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