Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Cats and Trees

Calling all cats who love playing with Christmas Trees and Christmas Decorations. Isn't it great fun? Well you can imagine my shock when I heard the humans say they weren't getting a tree this year!

I am now going to lie down on my sheep skin rug and sulk for the rest of today.


One-Eyed Jack said...

Oh that's just not fair to kitties!!! My OTW is mean mlike that too. We have a tree, but it's no bigger than me, so I can't climb it, and it's up on a shaky table, so I can't even get to it.

But she did put a long cloth on the table, and the table is right by the cat warmers running along the walls, so it's a good place to nap. And she has to lay down on the floor to see me which means i can run out and pounce her!

craziequeen said...

You haves a sheepskin rug???



psst - what's sheepskin?

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