Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Home Alone!

Guys, I can't believe what happened this weekend!

They left me alone overnight and went to somewhere called Italy without me. I was a bit suspicious when they packed a small case and went off early Sunday morning. At first I didn't worry too much as they left plenty of food and water.

Then it got dark, and the heating and night light came on as normal. They also left a special cat bowl with food in it but it had a funny lid covering it up. It was a bit of a shock when I was sniffing it at about 7.30 PM (which is my normal supper time) and it sprang open and bonked me on the nose.

It was quite good having the whole bed to myself at first but I did get a bit lonesome at about 4 AM with no humans to snuggle up to.

The next morning some really nice humans called Bob and Miriam, who live two streets away, came and visited me. We played games and then they left me some more food for breakfast and dinner but I ate it all for breakfast.

At midnight on Monday the humans arrived home at last! I purred and purred and purred and rolled over and showed them my belly. I was so happy to see them.


Ariel said...

I hate when my mom leaves me alone too.I always at the door to welcome her home.

sassycat said...

You got bonked by your food bowl? HAHAHAHA. My mum goes away overnight and I have learned to pace myself with the food. But most I miss the snuggle time while she is gone.

~*SilverNeurotic*~ said...

I hope they brought you some nice little pressies Faz!

FazzysFriend said...

Hi Faz I'm planning an escape from the laboratory can you send me some stamps and wrapping paper and I'll send myself to you. Might not get there in time for christmas though! See you soon, don't tell anyone what I'm planning.