Wednesday, December 13, 2006

I am insulted

The humans have a machine in the kitchen which they use to cook their food. It's called an oven. Why they feel the need to cook their food I do not know? Anyway, it hasn't been working very well lately so a man came in to fix it yesterday. When he pulled it out from the wall he found a little mouse nest and assumed their had been a mouse living there. Fortunately it was long gone.

The humans blame me of course because they think I brought it in from outside and let it escape. That may be the case but I am sure I didn't let it hang around for long enough to exploit the situation.


p.s. The heron is still there and doesn't even look like he's moved. He's just like a garden ornament, standing exceptionally still for long periods of time in the shallow bit of the pond. Not my idea of a good time - not moving with my feet in cold water - but each to their own I guess.


Skittles said...

My hubby doesn't move much either ;)

George, Tipper, Max & Misty said...

I think it's unlikely that as a good mouser, you'd leave a live mousie running around in your house. When I'm done with my mousies, I leave them for Mom to find, but I wouldn't dream of leaving a live one!

Maxwell Smartkitty