Monday, December 04, 2006

Panic Over

Well chaps, after a rather scary Friday and Saturday I found out I was worrying for nothing. As you may have read in Friday's blog, I overheard the humans say they were "going out on Saturday and getting a black cat". Now, I didn't want another cat in my home so I was in quite a state by Saturday evening.

Anyway it appears I heard it all wrong, what they actually said was they were "going out on Saturday and getting a black cab" (that's like a yellow taxi for all those who live in the US). What a relief!

In addition to that little misunderstanding, it's been a busy weekend. Here are the top five highlights:

1. two mice (yum yum)
2. big wind blew the wood pigeons' nest out of the tree (they didn't seem too bothered as they tend to use it in the spring only). It smelt good though - just like delicious baby pigeons.
3. one big fat jay tempted me all weekend but I couldn't catch her
4. no foxes (although I did spend most of the weekend in bed to try and calm my nerves)
5. nearly caught one of the cheeky squirrels - got within inches of her tail.

all in all a very successful weekend methinks.

with love from Faz

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One-Eyed Jack said...

Oooooooo! That does sound like a successful weekend. I chase squirrels, but I never get that close to them. I chase them up trees though and sit at the bottom making them yell at me for a long long time. I'm good at catching bugs and evil mousie-toys.