Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Cats versus Dogs

Dear Friends
of Faz

It has been clear to me, since I was a kitten, that cats are superior to dogs. Don't get me wrong, I quite like dogs. In fact, some of my best friends are dogs and are actually quite clever (see picture of some of my friends on graduation day) but you have to admit cats are clearly more intelligent, independent and attractive.

10 Reasons Why Cats
Are Better Than Dogs

1. Cats have 9 lives
2. Cats always land on their feet
3. Cats come in relatively consistent shapes and sizes
4. Cats never have dog breath
5. Cats don't perform demeaning tricks for humans
6. Cats don't drool
7. Cats can bathe themselves
8. Cats don't howl at the moon (what IS that about?)
9. Cats don't do embarrassing things in public (you know what I mean!)
10. Cats are much cleaner and can bury their own mess

Oh, I just remembered another one:

11. Cats don't drink out of the toilet bowl

What more proof do you need!

Love Faz

Monday, October 30, 2006

Diet Not Working

3 mice
0 cigarettes
0 wine

It's been a good weekend all in all. Lot's of quality sleeping and hunting time, although I think the humans may have a point about my weight.

I was having a bath in my favourite chair yesterday and it did seem to take ever so long to lick across the stomach area. On the other hand, winter is coming and I will need an extra few layers to keep me warm when I am out at night looking for prey.

When I get around to it I will put a picture of my favourite chair on my blog. The boy human thinks it's his chair but my POV is if he's at work all day someone has to take responsibility for it.

Friday, October 27, 2006

Faz the Cat

Hi, this is my first blog.

My name is Fazakerly and I am a tortiseshell cat. Life is great. I eat, sleep and hunt.

Guess which one of the cats in this picture is me? I hope you get it right as one of them is wooden and I would be quite offended if you thought I was the lump of wood on the left!

Just so you know, I live in Wimbledon, near the tennis courts but don't get to play much. In fact, I don't get to play at all as you've probably guessed (racquets and paws don't really go well together).

It's been raining here quite a bit lately (something to do with global warming methinks). This is great for us cats because the mice hate rain, they come out of all their little hidey holes and I lie in wait (lie in weight - get it - cause I gobble them all up and get fat).

I am supposed to be on a diet at present so I keep getting fed some sort of flavourless munchy things which are soooooooooo boring. No wonder I have to catch mice. The thing that really gets me is that my owners go all in a tizz when I bring them inside and play with them a bit. The other night I brought one in - the girl human went crazy mad! The boy human had to catch it with a towel and then they took it outside and let it go. Pointless!

Anyway let me know if you want to hear more about my life