Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Indoors or Outdoors - the debate continues

Well, my indoor plan doesn't seem to be working very well. I was doing fine, then I remembered I needed to go to the 'powder room'.

Anyway I headed across the garden to do it under my favourite pine tree (where it's nice and dry) and just as I finished I saw cheeky squirrel. So, I chased him over the fence and across the next door garden and over their fence too. Then he escaped. Then I saw cat alley (which runs behind the houses) and decided to explore that, as I hadn't been down there a while. I got to the end and came to the little side street where there is the occasional car, it looked safe so I went across to where braer fox lives to see if he'd been around. I couldn't see him but I could definitely smell him and his cohorts. I followed his trail to the railway tracks and walked along the embankment for a bit until I came to hefty tabby's territory. Hefty tabby and I don't get on, so I was mega cautious walking through.

Then, I spotted hefty tabby on the far side of his space and hid down wind until he moved on. I raced across his territory until I got to the back of the houses on the far side of where I live and walked along the fences heading back towards my house. I stopped on one of the garden sheds for a while, just to check out what was going down. I saw 4 little green finches darting and diving in a bush and thought about having one but it was too much like hard work and I really prefer luscious little mice when I can get them.

After a while I jumped off the shed and sauntered back along the rest of the fences until I hit the road in front of my house. Now this road is a little busier than the original one I crossed so I had to watch carefully to make sure it was safe. I crossed without any problem and ran down the side of the house back into the garden.

Here is my conclusion. I like indoors and outdoors. I reckon if I spend 2/3 rds of my life indoors that will be 2/3 rds of 15 years (see blog below) and that should get be to about 10 years which is a pretty good age in my book (obviously I will try and make 15 or more if I can). Indoors is probably best and I know a lot of my blogging pals prefer it but I am going to do some of each (at least until I get a bit older). FAZ


Dragonheart said...

Outdoors sounds very exciting! I have to be an indoor cat for a couple of reasons. First, with no fur, it's often too cold or too sunny for me outside. Second, when we move back to Canada, a lot of cities have an "indoor cats only" law, and it's illegal to have pet cats roaming around outside.

Thanks for the good wishes for yesterday. I appreciate it! :)

Daisy said...

Oh Faz, you must be very, very careful. I would not want something bad to happen to you. I think you are too little to cross the road by yerself. Maybe you could ask yer Mommie to hold yer paw when you cross?

Pablo said...

Nice work on the stats, Faz. You could get a job with Channel Four or Test Match Special on the BBC doing cricket stats (Kate said that she saw David Gower and Ian Botham at the cricket in Hobart on Sunday. I don't know who they are, but she says that they come from where you are. She also says a begrudging 'congrats' on the win against New Zealand here today).

I do both in and out... Kate locks me in at night even though I make a fuss about it. I'm very much an outdoors jungle cat, but inside is great, too. Much softer. And nocat but me can get there. So I'll join you in the 2/3 1/3 camp, if that's cool.

Chelle & Chel said...

Hey Faz, no worries. When I was little I had a cat who looked very much like you. Her name was Kitty. Original I know. But she was an indoor/outdoor cat too. She lived to the ripe old age of 18.

- Chel

Derby said...

I thinks that calculation is good. By spending some time inside you stay safe. Plus you have good food to eat and beans to take you to the VET if you need it. Biggiest issue is, don't get runned over by one of those big machines in the street.

Eric and Flynn said...

sounds like yoo had a good stroll around. We like being indoors and outdoors, an Kitty YB,s muvver lived till she wuz 24, an her Auntie wuz 22, an thay wuz mostly outdoors.