Wednesday, March 14, 2007

It's raining at Forty Paws

I am so excited.

My lovely friends at Forty Paws asked me to wrap up some rain and post it to them in Texas because we've had so much here in London.

I couldn't do that sadly (for three reasons).

1. I don't have opposable thumbs so I get quite tangled in the sticky-tape when I try and wrap up parcels and then it gets stuck in my fur.

2. I don't go anywhere near the post office because it's down near the train station which is right smack in the middle of the territory belonging to my arch-nemesis (Hefty Tabby).

3. I don't have money for stamps.

but what I did do was run into the garden and sang a little song ...

"Rain, rain go way, spend time with Forty Paws today"

... and it worked, yippee, it worked. Enjoy your rain Forty Paws - FAZ


Tiger Lily said...

Hi Faz. Some of that rain landed on eastern New Mexico too! We really needed it and Mom and my Daddy hope we get more soon.

It's a good idea to stay away from Hefty Tabby. You never know what a rude stranger cat will do.

Dragonheart said...

Wow Faz, that is amazing that you were able to sing a rain song to send the rain to Forty Paws! You are very talented, as well as beautiful! :)

Forty Paws said...

Hi Faz!!!

We luf your little ditty!! We received 1" of rain exactly here at da Forty Paws. Some parts of da Metroplex received lots more, some less. Da Metroplex is da Dallas/Ft. Worth area and its surrounding cities. Kinda like London, you know? It's about 4 counties and like 27 or 90 cities and about a gazillion people.

Anyway, anytime you want to send rain our way, please feel free to do so!! You is a miracle worker!!

Luf, Us

Empress Bee (of the High Sea) said...

you are a very smart kitty faz!! to think of that and it worked!!

smiles, auntie bee

Daisy said...

Faz, I have to agree, wrapping things up is hard. I am very proud of you for getting the rain to go to Forty Paws. You are very powerful!

Maria & Stefano said...

How sad is it that I just realized you live in London?! o.O
I need some medicines hehehe


Kaze, Latte, or Chase said...

That was very nice of you! I'm glad they got the rain anyway. Yeah, I think Heft Tabby would have kept me away too!


Lux said...

You are really talented to be able to do that! Please don't send any here, okay?

Phoebe said...

Good job, Faz. I'm sure they were very glad to have the rain in Texas. Tracy tells me it is a very dry place normally. Sounds strange to me, because we have no shortage of rain here.

Gattina said...

You had rain in London ? Poor Faz, we in Brussels/Waterloo had and have lovely sunshine and warm spring weather Arthur started his digging in the garden ! My cats made up a Thursday 13 with cat rules which are only for you ! (nothing for humans)

Karen Jo said...

You are a very talented kitty to get the rain to Forty Paws.

Sebastien said...

Faz, seeing that picture worries me. I think you are running with the 'wrong' crowd.

And you don't have money? How do you take your lady friends out on dates?