Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Collective Nouns

Well, I knew you could get a litter of kittens, puppies and pigs but did you know that the collective noun for cats is either "a clutter", "a pounce" or "a clowder"? You can also get "an intrigue of kittens" although they don't seem that intriguing to me.

Here are ten more collective nouns I really like:

an ambush of tigers (scary!)

a bale of turtles

a business of ferrets

a charm of magpies

a congress of baboons (some would say "how appropriate")

a deceipt of lapwings

a gulp of magpies

a hover of trout

an intrusion of cockroaches (definitely!)

an ostenation of peacocks (of course!)

I will try and get some more to share with you all. Purr FAZ


The Meezer Gang said...

We love this post! Mom loves it even more...but after all, she is the English nerd.

Caesar and Princess said...

Hey Fazlovie, we hope you have a huge sackload of good times today, with a mountain of kitty crinchies and a flood of sunshine

Kaze, Latte, or Chase said...

That is really cool! Thanks for sharing, I really enjoyed those collective nouns!


Daisy said...

Oh, this was fun to learn about! My favorite is "a gulp of magpies." Because I might gulp them all down. Thanks for teaching us fun things.

Pearl C. Pritchard said...

"A Congress of Baboons" HA HA HA. You're right, my friend. How appropriate.

On another note... those little bitty kitties are just too cute to believe.

Kim and Oscar the Puppy Cat said...

Who makes up these things? Someone is awfully bored! I love the kittens so much!!!

Dragonheart said...

Very interesting Faz! :) Thank you for the lesson! I had no idea there were so many terms for a group of cats.

Suzanne said...

that kitten pile made mama go 'awwww'.

how about a murder of crows?


Empress Bee (of the High Sea) said...

how about a gaggle of geese?

or better yet, a HERD of mice! ha ha ha ha

smiles, auntie bee

Chairman Mao said...

hehehe, how cool to know all those nouns! Momma loved this post, too. She'd heard some of 'em but not all of 'em!

What cute little ittybitty orange kitties!

The Furry Kids said...

We had no idea about that English stuff. Thank you for sharing.
Titus, Tazo, & EG

PS - We love the pile of kitties.

~*SilverNeurotic*~ said...

They were quite amusing. I especially liked the ferret one.

Parker said...

I think a "clowder" refers to an adult group of cats, but I'm not sure. That was very interesting!

Derby said...

What a cute bunch of little ginger kitties.

Gorgeous Ginger Giggle?

Maria & Stefano said...

A bunch of purry bam bams;)


Forty Paws said...

Cool! We luf lernin noo stuff. Dat clowder ov kittens is way too kyoot.

Congratulations!!! You received a 100% on yur PoP Kwiz!!! Yay!

Luf, Us

Pablo said...

Kate and I used to live with a guy called Des who was obsessed with collective nouns. His favourite one was 'a crash or rhinoceroses'.

Jeter and Mickey said...

a congress uv baboonz ...
i'm laffin an laffin!
luv--yer frend--jh

The Crew said...

A "pounce". What an appropriate word for kittens!

Phoebe said...

That was very educational.