Friday, November 23, 2007

Friday Feast

Look what I found at Skeeter and LC's blog. The Friday's Feast Chef has taken the holiday off, so they are offering a one-time-only alternative.

What is yer favorit toy?

Luscious Little Mice (they're not really toys but I like to play with them)

Where do you like to sit best?

On the boy human's favourite chair (especially when he wants to sit down - this is him hogging his chair and not letting me on it)

Complete this sentence: I love to sleep on…

and on, and on, and on, and on.

Main Course:
What annoys you most about yer Bein?

He always wants to sit in my favourite chair


Name 2 things you would like to change about yer house.

Bigger food bowls and more places to play hide and seek



Sunny's Mommy said...

You have to hair up your chair more so the bean won't want to sit in it ;-)

Gemini said...

Oh I hate it when people want to sit in my favorite chair, or in my place on the bed!

Dont make me get out my flying Monkeys! said...

Nice Friday Post! Come on over to my blog and see my Thursday and Friday post together! Hope you are having a good holiday weekend!

Caesar and Princess said...

Dear Faxbucketpusskins.
Guess what? our beans are very impressed with the tidiness of the library there. You need to get that bean out of the chair. perhaps you could do something on the other side of the room to compel him to get up!

Happy Bucketysnappy Friday to you!
Love and purrs

Parker said...

It's your favorite chair, what's he doing in it?

Ginger said...

Happy Thanksgiving, Faz!

I agree with sleeping on and on and on!