Thursday, November 29, 2007

My Box of Life

Here are 13 things that I am very grateful for in my Box of Life

1. My humans who always look after me (even when I bite them and go a-wandering)
2. My blogging pals who I love and admire
3. My furs that keep me warm
4. My ears to hear with
5. My eyes to see with
6. My mouth to eat with
7. Which reminds me - I am very grateful for munchies and temptations
8. Cat nip is important too
9. Luscious Little Mice for nibbling
10. My nice warm Gizzie quilt
11. The fact that I can sleep on the end of the humans' bed and they don't mind
12. My cat flap so I can come and go as I please
13. My big garden full of Luscious Little Mice, Cheeky Squirrels and Brazen Birds
p.s. I forgot to mention cuddles - I pretend not to enjoy them very much but I would miss them if they weren't forced upon me.


Diamond Emerald-Eyes said...

I can do without the cuddles.

Sunny's Mommy said...

What a great box of life you've made :-)

Kellie The Orange Cat said...

Faz, that is a very nice list of things to put in your box of life!

Empress Bee (of the High Sea) said...

lucky little girl!!!

smiles, auntie bee

Dr Tweety of da Fab Five said...

Yes Faz,

Da mouseez & da cuddlez.. deze are da bestee tingz!!!!

Caesar and Princess said...

Sweet Fazzingtonbuckettykins,
Your box is filled with the most wonderful things, truly the best, as you are a Princess (like me) and we have our special treasures that make our lives supremely heavenly.
I would love a cat flap... but it would just have to be one to let me into the housedungeon, as I am not allowed down there. I need a catflap!

You are so well bucketty loved by your beans and us too!

Purrrrs and snuggles

Gemini said...

That is a beautiful box of life and such beautiful things you put into Faz.

michico*Adan said...

Oah Faz~!
You choose the best things into your box of life~!
I love your answers~!!!!! These are wonderful for sure~!!!

poppyq said...

Dem is great things to have on your list Fazzie. I love my mum and my catflap too!! It is great to be an idependant girl.

Ramses said...

Ooh that's such a purrty box!


Daisy said...

You have some very wonderful things in your Box of Life, Faz. I am grateful for Temptations, too. And for nice friends like you.

Ariel said...

Great treasures in your box of life.

zevo calamari said...

Loved your list... especially the cuddles. We pretend to hate them too.

Bounce, Lucy and Trixie said...

What great stuff for your Box of Life Faz!

Parker said...

Wonderful Faz, just wonderful!

Pablo said...

You've got some yummy stuff in that box. It must be pretty big, too...

Lux said...

Those are all great things to be thankful for, Faz!

Monty Q. Kat said...

Aw, that's a great list!

Benjamin Fuzz said...

that's a great life box, faz!

how are you doing? i'm really glad to see that you were not assimilated. that was kind of a scary picture! resistance is NOT futile.


Mickey said...

Hey Faz, you have great things in your Box!! I must admit,snuggles are fun :) It would be fun to run in your yard too .


snowforest said...

Those are some furry cool fings. We've got a bloggie of our own now Faz! Hope you come and visit us real soon:

Forty Paws said...

Awwww. Bless your heart Faz! That's a great box of life!

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