Sunday, November 30, 2008

Oh No! What have I done?

It's a bit boring here without the humans to annoy. Now I wish I'd gone to the seaside with them (see previous post).

Is there a moral to this particular story my furrends?

Contrite FAZ

Saturday, November 29, 2008

I showed them - he he he

The humans were all packed up ready to leave for the seaside and I knew they wanted to get me in the cat basket, but I hid and hid, and didn't come when they called. Even when they got out the temptations I refused to come in. So, in the end, they had to arrange for Bob to come and look after me instead. He He He. I showed them who's in charge.

I do hope they remembered to leave on the heating whilst they're away.

Naughty FAZ

Saturday, November 22, 2008

A little hobo

Cat's 100-mile ride under train

Map showing Carlisle and Billingham

A cat is believed to have hitched a ride of almost 100 miles from Teesside to Cumbria underneath a freight train.

The animal was discovered by a depot fitter in Carlisle, when he examined the empty carriage which had returned from Billingham.

The white and tortoise-shell female was dirty and extremely shaken but otherwise unharmed. She was taken to an animal refuge in Carlisle.

There are now hopes she can be reunited with her owner.

The Direct Rail Services train had been undergoing routine maintenance in Billingham.

As soon as it pulled into the depot a week ago, the fitter looked underneath a carriage and found the cat on a small ledge.

See BBC News for the full story

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Look what I found

I took it home to show the humans and left it on the door mat. They were so excited and pleased they started screaming and waving their arms.

I must be like the best ever cat in the world.

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Hastings Fish Pie for Supper - Yummy

The girl human went down the The Stade today to buy some fish for our supper (this is the beach launched fishing fleet on The Stade just coming in). As a special treat she is making her signature Hastings Fish Pie with real Hastings fish. The best bit is that I get the leftovers. FAZ

Thanks too for the fish pie picture

Saturday, November 08, 2008

Sunday, November 02, 2008

Thanks to The Journal for this article and picture

Freddie the terrier finds his sea legs

A PET dog who went missing from a Northumberland beach was found alive – nearly a mile out to sea.

Jean Brigstock with Freddie

Fishermen plucked brave cairn terrier Freddie from the waves, just off the coast of Hauxley, Northumberland.

The dog wandered into the water after getting lost in fog while out for a walk with his owner. But instead of swimming to shore, he headed out into the North Sea.

Trawlermen Jimmy and Alan Thompson thought 14-year-old Freddie was an otter at first, but when they realised he was a dog they fished him out.

A lifeboat from Amble was launched to collect the soaked pet and last night his owner, Jean Brigstock, 73, told how she had frantically searched for him.

The pensioner, from Hauxley Way, Amble, Northumberland, said: “It was a beautiful day and I was taking him on his usual walk, but all of a sudden, a heavy sea fret set in quickly and I couldn’t see Freddie any more.

“I looked for him for hours and others helped. There was no sign of him, but I was convinced he would eventually turn up.

“There is a holiday village nearby and I thought he would be there. Eventually I went home, but my daughter Wendy went out on her bike and continued the search.

“I was desperate. He’s my companion and he’s so important to me. We walk twice a day down on the beach or along the Braid.

“I knew he hated water, so I thought he’d head for the dunes rather than the sea. It really didn’t enter my head that he would swim. He rarely goes through a puddle and has an aversion to baths.”

Freddie swam against the tide and was found three quarters of a mile out to sea by the two fishermen from Red Row, Northumberland.

Mrs Brigstock has owned the dog for three years after her friend in the Midlands went into a nursing home and was no longer able to look after him.

She said: “When I found out he had been found all that way out, I felt frightened. I worried about what state he would be in.

“I’m so grateful to the two fishermen, the Coastguard and the inshore lifeboat men who took so much trouble to find him and take him to safety.”

Freddie was no worse for wear after his ordeal.

Mrs Brigstock said: “Freddie is back to his normal self. The night he was rescued, he was a little bit under the weather. But the next morning he was ready for his breakfast.”

Saturday, November 01, 2008